Mega VFX

This past week we had the opportunity to work with Director Nick Acosta of Unrendered Media on a Meagan Short film followup Written by and starring Zack Finfrock and Peter Weidman over at Loot Crate. We always love the opportunity to work with creative folks over there and this this month they've upped the ante.

Little Brother's contribution was over 30 Visual FX shots covering various 3d Elements, Energy blasts, hits, Paint ins, covers ups and match making. Long nights were had by all but the work was well worth it.

Check it out, and check out Loot Crate - we're big fans:)

Get Loot Crate: Mega Man returns! To stop the secret force that has been operating in the shadows since Wily's capture over a year ago, Rock, along with his trusty companion Roll, and creator Dr. Light, will take on a challenge unlike anything he has faced before.

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