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Working in collaboration to create inspired video, audio and interactive experiences for TV, Mobile, Web, Film and beyond


Little Brother Sight & Sound was founded as the post production arm of Brotherhood Pictures, LLC providing Animation, VFX and video Post-Production support for award-winning feature film and web series.

The work built to become a full time gig for founders Marc Hampson and Ronnie Ursenbach as they began to take on additional work in various digital media across corporate brands, music acts and various other clientele. 

In early 2015 Little Brother moved from the garage to offices in Brea, CA where the team, the work and notoriety has grown beyond expectations expanding to include commercial cinema production and creative technologies development for mobile, web & desktop application.



(866) 563-7732



We are in the process of relocating but primarily operate out of Southern California in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.



M-F 9:00a–6p

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Our Team


Little Brother is built around strong creative leadership fueled by diverse experiences and award winning storytelling.



Our team continues to build trust with artists, producers and brands that breeds freedom to explore new and creative ideas.



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Our creative team has had the opportunity to produce work for all kinds of clients from around the industry. Here is a taste of whom we've produced work for in recent years...


...and the list keeps going!


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